Terminal Strip Assembly Box

The Phares Electronics Terminal Strip Assembly Box is used to terminate the Phares Electronics Hall Effect, Geartooth, and Zero Speed Switch Sensors which have ½” NPT threads.  The Phares TSA Boxes have two ½” inch NPT openings for conduit fittings and can be used to quickly mount the sensors. It is useful in applications which require long cable runs. The TSA Box has a gasketed cover. The cast aluminum material is significantly lighter weight than its cast iron counterparts.

Phares Electronics Terminal Strip Assembly Box


ModelPart NumberNumber of Terminals
tsa-right-smTSA-RTSA-R44 Terminals
TSA-R55 Terminals
TSA-R66 Terminals
tsa-left-smTSA-LTSA-L44 Terminals
TSA-L55 Terminals
TSA-L66 Terminals

Phares Electronics Magnetic Disk, Sensor and Terminal Strip Assembly Box Illustration



Openings – 1/2″ NPT, Quantity of 2
Terminal Blocks – Tubular screw with pressure plate
Weight – 1 LB

Phares Electronics Terminal Strip Assembly Box Dimensions

            Approximate dimensions in inches.


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