Exhaust Fan in Industrial Plant

Exhaust Fan in Industrial Plant


Application Description

Exhaust fans in industrial plants are often belt driven and in many instances the belt breaks, the motor continues to run and the exhaust fan continues to rotate due to a pressure differential across the fan. Belt breakage isn’t always noticed immediately in these situations.

Solution:  ZS09R or Phares ZS09P Zero Speed Switch Sensor

A solution for this is to install a Phares ZS09R or Phares ZS09P Zero Speed Switch Sensor and adjust the set point for an under speed condition. When belt breakage occurs, the fan will begin to slow from full speed. The Phares ZS09 Zero Speed Switch Sensor will detect the speed change and promptly alert plant personnel to the situation. Use the ZS09R for a PLC input and the ZS09P for a control circuit up to 5 amps.

The Phares ZS09 Zero Speed Switch Sensor needs a target for sensing and measuring speed.

Suitable targets are:
Magnetic Disk
Split Coupling
• Bolt head or key stock with a high iron content.

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Exhaust Fan in Industrial Plant