Tech Notes

Technical Application Notes

The following Technical Application Notes are quick reads. If there are particular application notes that you would like to see, please let us know.

1) Coal Conveyors in High Temperature Environment in Power Plant – Zero Speed Switch or Tachometer Application
2) Conveyors in Aluminum Recycling Plant – Zero Speed Switch Sensor or Tachometer Application
3) Conveyors in Construction Material Recycling Plant – Zero Speed Switch Sensor Application
4) Exhaust Fan in Industrial Plant – Zero Speed Switch Sensor Application

Industries Served


• Agriculture
• Automotive Plants
• Chemical Plants
• Food and Beverage
• Material Handling
• Mining
• Paper Mills
• Power Plants
• Recycling Plants
• Renewable Energy
• Test Facilities
• and many more!
• Augers
• Conveyors
• Cooling Equipment
• Dryers
• Elevators
• Grinding Machines
• Intake/Exhaust Fans
• Oscillating Tables
• Rotary Feeders
• Windmills
• and many other applications where
shaft speed monitoring is required

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