Phares T6 Panel Mount Tachometer

Phares T6 Panel Mount Tachometer

Phares T6 Panel Mount Tachometer

The Phares T6 Panel Mount Tachometer is a panel mount unit which monitors over speed, under speed, zero speed and at-speed conditions, utilizing a 4-digit display, 0-10V and 4-20mA output signals and 3 SPDT independent isolated relay outputs for speed condition status.

Phares T6 Panel Mount Tachometer Machine Speed Monitoring SystemsDownload or view as PDF:

The Phares T6 Panel Mount Tachometer helps prevent equipment damage and material spoilage via prompt alert for stalled (zero speed) or under speed condition. It is particularly useful for monitoring under speed conditions as this often indicates an unexpected increase in load which may indicate that an unwanted stoppage is about to occur.

The T6 Panel Mount Tachometer uses frequency input from various types of sensors to determine the presence of motion or the lack thereof. When motion is either detected or reaches set point, the relay output(s) change state. They remain in this state until either under speed or zero speed condition occurs (depending upon application). The 0-10V and 4-20mA analog output signals are proportional to speed.

The T6 Panel Mount Tachometer features universal sensor input: NPN or PNP, 2 or 3 wire sensor.

Sensor types compatible with the Phares T6 Panel Mount Tachometer:


Phares T6 Panel Mount Tachometer Part Numbers

Part Number

Input Voltage

Sensor Type

Relay Output

Analog Output

T6-A100-240 VACPNP or NPN, 2 or 3 WireQty. of 3, N.O./N.C.0-10V and 4-20mA
T6-D9-36 VDCPNP or NPN, 2 or 3 WireQty. of 3, N.O./N.C.0-10V and 4-20mA

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UL 61010-1:2012
EN 61010-1:2010
CAN/CSA C22.2 No. 61010-1:2012

Input Power:
Part No. T6-A:  100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 50mA
Part No. T6-D:  9-36 VDC, 140mA

1/2 A Max., Input Power, Fuse F4
3 A Max., Relay Common, Fuses F1-F3

Seven Segment LED, 4 Digit, with decimal point.
Ranges: 0-9,999, 0-999.9, 0-99.99, 0-9.999
LED Height: 0.50″
Color: Red

1.6875″ H x 3.5625″ W x 5.3750″ D
Depth measurement includes terminal blocks.
Cutout Dimensions: 1.75″ H x 3.60″ W, +/- 0.025”

1 LB.

+/- 2 Least Significant Digits

Analog Outputs, Scaled:
0-10 Volt
4-20mA, T6 Tachometer internal power 24VDC, 250 or 500 Ohm load
4-20mA external power @ 24VDC, 250 or 500 Ohm load
4-20mA external power @ 12VDC, 250 Ohm load
4-14.60mA external power @ 12VDC, 500 Ohm load

Universal Signal Input:
24VDC, Sinking or Sourcing, NPN or PNP, 2 or 3 Wire
Sensor Input Current:
0.14mA (min.)

Quantity of 3, each with 1 NO/NC (Form C)
Contact Rating: 3A @125 VAC

Aluminum enclosure, gasketed, with side mounting bars for control panel installation. When properly installed, gasket will provide a NEMA 4 type seal.

Phares T6 Panel Mount Tachometer Industrial Machine Speed Monitoring SystemsFigure 1. Phares T6 Tachometer Front.

The front of the Phares T6 Tachometer is designed and built for use in wash down areas
There are four LED’s on the face of the Phares T6 Tachometer:

  • R1 – Relay 1, when illuminated, Relay 1 is engaged.
  • R2 – Relay 2, when illuminated, Relay 2 is engaged.
  • R3 – Relay 3, when illuminated, Relay 3 is engaged.
  • S – Sensor, when illuminated, Sensor is detecting target.

There are four keys on the face of the Phares T6 Tachometer located below the 4 digit display:

  • Arrow Up – Increase Parameter Value
  • Arrow Down – Decrease Parameter Value
  • P – Program, press to advance to the next Parameter
  • S – Set, press to access Parameter Value