Industrial Machine Speed Monitoring Products

Phares Electronics Industrial Machine Speed Monitoring Products

Phares Electronics industrial machine speed monitoring products make a difference.  You will not be disappointed with their performance!  If you have questions, we have awesome tech support because we know our products.  Get the answers you need at 727-444-0406.

Products come with excellent installation instructions. Parameters are so easy to configure that you will only need 15 minutes or less to customize the settings. Yeah, it’s that easy.


Phares Electronics T6 Industrial Tachometer Machine Speed Monitoring SystemsPhares Industrial Tachometers

Phares Tachometers (or rate meters, if you prefer) are made for the industrial environment. They feature a 4-20mA and a 0-10V output signal, 4 digit display, 3 Form ‘C’ relay contacts (NO/NC), and fast response time. All are very accurate industrial speed monitoring devices.

They are low maintenance and easy to install. Incorporating Phares Industrial Tachometers into existing systems is very easy. This is because Phares Industrial Tachometers feature universal sensor input, universal input voltage and isolated relay contacts. Use with a variety of sensors such as hall effect sensors, geartooth sensors, laser sensors, photo eye sensors, proximity switches, encoders, and other shaft speed sensors.


Phares Electronics Zero Speed Switches for Industrial Machine Speed MonitoringPhares Zero Speed Switches

Phares Zero Speed Switch Sensors are rugged, reliable self-contained devices with relay isolated outputs. They are about the size of a prox switch, but incorporate speed sensing circuitry not found in simple on/off devices. Isolated relay outputs make integration with most controllers or existing systems simple and easy.

Phares Zero Speed Switches can be used for almost any over speed, under speed, or zero speed application. The Phares ZS09P Zero Speed Switch Sensor is a very popular choice for conveyor shaft speed monitoring and many other industrial speed monitoring applications.


Phares Electronics Digital Output Hall Effect Sensors
Phares Hall Effect Sensors

Phares Electronics Hall Effect Sensors are low cost, highly durable, reliable sensors built for the industrial environment. They are built for use in harsh environments, vibration, high temperature, outdoor use, wash down areas and more.

Phares Hall Effect Sensors produce a digital output signal suitable for logic inputs (PLC, VFD, DCS) and other industrial speed monitoring devices which can measure frequency directly. This includes Phares Digital Tachometers and Remote Zero Speed Switch.


Phares Electronics Digital Output Geartooth Sensors
Phares Geartooth Sensors

Phares Electronics Geartooth Sensors are ferrous (iron) detecting devices with extremely accurate gear edge detection. Phares Geartooth Sensors are designed for industrial speed monitoring utilizing a wide variety of gear shapes and sizes. They detect other ferrous (iron) targets as well, such as bolt heads, key stock, etc., and also detect magnetic targets.


Phares Electronics Magnetic Disks and Magnetic Targets
Phares Magnetic Targets

Sensors which utilize hall-effect technology require a magnetic target to determine motion. Phares Magnetic Target Disks fill that requirement and are easy to install.

For applications where space is limited, individual Magnets, Magnetic Rings, and Split Disks are available.

Phares Magnetic Targets are designed for industrial machine speed monitoring.  They improve zero speed switch and industrial tachometer response time, especially for slow speed applications.


Phares Electronics Terminal Strip Assembly Boxes

Phares Terminal Strip Assembly Box

The Phares Terminal Strip Assembly (TSA) Box is used to terminate Phares Electronics Hall Effect Sensors and Zero Speed Switch Sensors for applications which require long cable runs.

There are two 1/2″ NPT openings for conduit fittings. Phares Hall Effect and Phares ZS09R Zero Speed Switch Sensors also have 1/2″ NPT threads for quick, convenient mounting and termination directly into the Phares TSA Box.