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Frequently Asked Questions

Can orders be placed directly from Phares Electronics?

Yes. Orders can be placed direct from Phares Electronics or Amazon.com. Please note that pricing at Amazon.com are list prices. For OEM and quantity discounts, please contact us directly by calling Phares Electronics Monday thru Friday 8am-5pm EST at 727-444-0406.

Does Phares Electronics have distributors?

No. We do not have distributors although many distributors do order from us. If you prefer using a distributor, please contact us. We have many that we can refer to you.

The Phares ZS09 self contained sensor includes the relay, correct?

Yes, both the sensor and relay are housed in the ZS09 Zero Speed Switch Sensor barrel.

Does the Phares ZS09 Zero Speed Switch Sensor detect zero speed even if the target stops right in front of the sensor?

Yes, if the target stops directly if front of the ZS09, it will determine zero speed and the relay will disengage.  The same is true for the ZS10, ZS11 and all of our Industrial Tachometers.

What is the life expectancy of a ZS09 self contained sensor?

Typically 2-5 years, but it depends on the operating environment and other factors.

Are Phares Zero Speed Switches interchangeable with other brand name zero speed switches?

Yes!  Our Zero Speed Switches and Industrial Tachometers are interchangeable with other, sometimes overpriced, brand name products.

Are the Phares ZS09 Zero Speed Switch Sensor relay contacts isolated?

Yes, the ZS09 has isolated, ‘dry’ relay contacts.  They are powered from external sources, such as a control circuit.  The same is true for all of our Zero Speed Switches and Industrial Tachometers.

What is the difference between the Phares ZS09R and ZS09P Zero Speed Switch Sensor?

The main difference is the Phares ZS09R Zero Speed Switch Sensor is designed for a logic input, such as a PLC, VFD, DCS, etc., and can switch 1/4 amp max.  The ‘R’ in ZS09R stands for ‘Reed’ relay.  The ZS09P is designed for a control circuit and can switch up to 5 amps.  The ‘P’ in ZS09P stands for ‘Power’ relay.

Does Phares Electronics manufacture its products or are they manufactured elsewhere?

Yes, Phares Electronics designs and manufactures all of its products and has been doing so since 1982.  All of our products are proudly made in the United States of America!

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