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About Us

Improving Your Processes and Products

Why choose Phares Electronics? We help our customers solve problems. For end users of industrial machines, our products can reduce process costs and increase production. For Original Equipment Manufacturers, our products help improve your product’s performance and competitiveness. Our years of experience enable us to develop technology and apply it in new ways. As a result, we offer innovative solutions incorporating field-proven products and technologies. We welcome custom orders and requests for product prototypes. Our business approach is to maintain flexible manufacturing capabilities to meet your unique needs. It enables us to recommend, develop and deliver solutions ideally suited to your equipment and process requirements.

Commitment to Quality

At Phares Electronics, quality means producing products that match or exceed customer expectations. We’re continually testing new designs, updating and improving existing products. Our products are built with confidence. They are robust, reliable, low maintenance, and able to withstand hostile environments such as heat, corrosion, humidity, and vibration. They are all made in the USA.

Technical Support

We have excellent technical support and are usually able to find solutions very quickly. If you are in need of technical support there are several ways to connect.

  • Telephone: 727-444-0406
  • Email form on the Contact Us page. This form makes your message stand out from the rest of the email we receive. It definitely gets our attention.
  • Twitter @PharesElectro


A Tradition of Product Innovation

In 1967 Paul Phares founded Phares Electronics in Toledo, Ohio to design and manufacture new and innovative electronic products. In 1982 his son Alan Phares became President of the company. By the mid 1980’s, the core products of Phares Electronics were all related to industrial machine controls produced out of one location in Erie, Michigan. Today Phares Electronics is located in St. Petersburg, Florida. Our products are high tech speed controls used for automation and process control.

Company History:  Celebrating 50 Years 1967 to 2017

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