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Phares Electronics ZS09P Compact Zero Speed Switch

Phares Electronics ZS09P Compact Zero Speed Switch


The Phares Electronics ZS09 Zero Speed Switch is a simple, cost effective solution to the never ending question, “Is my machine running or not?”

The Phares ZS09 Zero Speed Switch will “keep an eye” on your machine even if you can’t.  This little sensor is big enough to keep your machine from tearing itself apart.  If your machine stops suddenly, the Phares ZS09 Zero Speed Switch is able to respond within a fraction of a second to enable the “Stop” circuit, responding much quicker than personnel is able to.

Or, have you ever had a situation where your machine seems to be running normally, but it has dropped below nominal speed?

For example, let’s say the nominal shaft speed is 1,000 RPM and you need to know if it drops to 800 RPM. Using our example, the ZS09 Zero Speed Switch Relay Trip Point can be set for Under Speed (800 RPM) so you know whether or not everything is ok.

Stop a problem before a problem stops you!



  • Self-contained unit incorporates sensor and relay
  • Isolated outputs up to 5 Amp switching capacity
  • Operating voltages: 6-24VDC or 120VAC
  • Senses magnetic or ferrous targets
  • Use outdoors or in wash down areas
  • Adjustable setpoint
  • Diagnostic indicators
  • Quick response
  • Accurate shaft speed monitoring
  • Recommended for applications that stop abruptly


  • Prevents equipment damage and material spoilage
  • Prevents multiple conveyor “domino effect” stalled condition
  • Easy interface to existing systems
  • Prompt alert for stalled, over speed or zero speed conditions


  • Bucket Elevators
  • Bulk material handling
  • Chemical processing
  • Conveyor systems – slow and high speed applications
  • Food processing
  • Mining Equipment
  • OEM applications
  • Paper Manufacturing
  • Power Plants
  • Recycling Equipment

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